Shattered to Pieces

At Risk Conference April 26, 2016

Ethical Myths & Mysteries
Presented by Pasquale Russoniello, MA Drexel University College of Medicine 

This presentation identifies myths pertaining to: ethical behavior, best practice, and responsibilities for practitioners and educators who specialize in serving students with challenging and diversified needs in P-12 education. Common ethical principles that would apply across the board to these professions are discussed. Roles and practice boundaries are explored by using case studies and examples of personal experiences. A primary focus is on helping practitioners improve their ethical risk awareness and decision making skills.
11am to 12pm
On your own
Children and Trauma in Educational Settings
with Winden S. Rowe, MS Community and Trauma Counseling and Hillary E. Hess, MS Counseling and Clinical Health Psychology of Hess & Rowe Counseling

12pm to 3pm This session will open with a brief review of trauma and its bio-psychosocial implications in the individual and the system. The start of the session will review the impact of trauma on learning. The remaining focus of the workshop will be ​o​n mindfulness, evidence to support its efficacy, and its positive impacts in building resiliency. This workshop will ​include mindfulness-based skills and interventions that professionals can use in supporting themselves and student​ populations. The session will close with small group activities and whole group sharing, relevant cases that professionals are ​currently ​working with ​in order to provide suggestions and support.